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Welcome to Fashion News Friday! I thought of this idea the other week and I can’t wait to get it going! Every Friday I will be posting about a piece of news in the Fashion Industry.

H&M Introduces an Experiential Store in Berlin. 

H&M is testing out a new concept store in Berlin, Germany. This store will offer yoga classes and even an outdoor cafe…


The experiential store was adopted in Germany after some success of a similar store in Stockholm in recent years. Like many other “faster” fashion retailers and brick and mortars in general, H&M hasn’t been doing superbly. This store is an obvious attempt to switch up their brand image and increase sales as well as appeal to a slightly more refined market.


This H&M is nothing like the vast size of stores we’re used to in the U.S. This store will be about 1/5th of the typical size of the store and will carry pretty exclusive items.

You can find Vegan Cosmetic products, specially curated merchandise as well as second hand clothing from partnered brands at the new store. (Which okay, that’s pretty cool).

The store will also offer a wider range of mens products and yoga products as well as yoga classes.

This attempt at drawing customers into the store could be a great for the company if they can pull it off. There has to be extensive training for the special events the store will host as well as the overall vibe of the store. I’m sure your H&M is pretty similar to mine; bright white lights, dust bunnies everywhere and disorganized products.

The company and store image has remained fairly the same for years. As other stores adjusted to the changing preferences of consumers, H&M lagged. I hope this concept can generate some more buzz around the company and that it makes it to the U.S.!

To read more check out this article from The Business of Fashion.

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