F ★ N ★ F … on a Monday

Hello, hello, hello! If you’re reading this on a Monday, like how I’m writing it on a Monday, then we’re both a little behind on Fashion News Friday. That’s okay, let’s catch up…

Top fashion news from past week:

Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Pop-up Shop to ramp up purchases from younger generations.

Tommy Hilfiger is partnering with the Vintage shop ‘Procell’ to offer unique 80’s and 90’s era Tommy Hilfiger items in a pop-up shop.

Photo credit: WWD Tommy Hilfiger Vintage

The shop will be located on 150 Grand Street in Brooklyn, NY from November 1st to December 1st.


This definitely feels like a long time coming. The first time I noticed Tommy Hilfiger items in ‘my generation’ type stores was a few years ago in Urban Outfitters. The emergence of street wear/ leisure wear exploded a few years back & came with a resurgence of brands such as TH, Reebok and Adidas for younger generations. This is an extremely strategic move for TH and I think a great one.

The End of Zac Posen – House of Z

Zac Posen announced after 20 years of business, the label ‘House of Z’ will shut down indefinitely.

Photo Credit: WYNC.com

Posen is widely known for luxury gowns and has designed custom glamorous gowns worn by numerous stars on the Red Carpet.

Posen says, “The management team … worked extremely hard to navigate the increasingly challenging fashion and retail landscape” (The Guardian) and that he is grateful for the talent of his team and their commitment.


If I’m being honest, the only ‘Zac Posen’ piece I have is a red leather jacket from a Posen collaboration with Target about 8 years ago that I got for my 13th birthday. However, seeing an iconic label completely shut down is indeed a little melancholy. Posen has remained a top couture gown designer and almost the go-to guy for Met Gala, the Oscars and other Red Carpet functions. It’s sad to see that name go.

Clair – Luxury Bag Value Assessment

The company Rebag introduced Clair, a new iPhone and Android App to calculate the value of luxury bags for resale. Rebag is a used luxury goods e-commerce that focuses on reselling luxury bags. The app Clair will help customers value their bags if they wish to sell them solo.

via ReBag’s website

Customers can get an in real time appraisal for the item by offering up a few bits of information. Further, Clair will send them an offer for selling it directly to them within the app…Genius.


The market for reselling goods is BOOMING, especially with luxury goods. Consumers want name brand items at a fraction of the price (that’s reasonable enough). My only concern is this…Why is there so much selling of luxury goods? I feel like these type of goods are in constant turnover from consumer to consumer. Are we getting too tired of out $1,000+ bags too quickly?

What do you think?

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