Not your typical blogger.

Welcome to WearsMargaret.com, a Philadelphia college student’s perspective into the world of fashion (including sustainability), a bit of beauty and a whole lot of life. Conceived in the summer of 2019, Margaret created her online persona, wearsmargaret, to relieve stress from an overwhelming summer of internships and college courses and to put her creativity out there in the world.

A play on words.

WearsMargaret originated from two things. First, the easiest to notice, using the word ‘Wears’. Wears obviously signifies Margaret’s passion for style. One day, Margaret hopes to work in the industry as a fashion buyer, in fashion marketing or even own her own clothing shop! (obviously sustainable and thrifted pieces)..

A little bit of a secret is the homonym.

*Homonyms are words that sound the same but are spelled different and have different meanings…there’s a grammar lesson for ya.


Where’s Margaret? Well right now she’s probably sitting in a class in college brainstorming her next Instagram post.

This cleverly thought of name was adopted when Margaret spent her summer days fully regimented; exercise, work, internship, coursework. Her friends would often be unbeknownst to where Margaret actually was or what she was doing.

In other words, Margaret is a hard worker and often shuts out the very people that motivate her to get stuff done! She’s unsure if this is a good or bad trait yet.

And YET, In another sense, from a young age, Margaret would often be found staring her own reflection down in the mirror hanging in her dining room. Not at all in a superficial way, but a curious one. Who was she? Who would she be? Where would she go?

Margaret’s come a long way from her ‘questioning the self’ days. Sure of who she is and where she wants to go, she started this blog to blast it out there into the universe.

I hope that you can enjoy where you’re going in life and what you wear while doing it 🙂

Ok cool.

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